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Development and Globalization

Development and Globalization MA Program

The aim of the program is to offer a multifaceted orientation and understanding of development and globalization issues in an interdisciplinary manner. Students would study the complexity of interlinked phenomena such as distribution of power, transnationalism, environment, public health, education, urbanization, prosperity as well as development projects of international and local actors.

Key aims of the program include:

  • To Educate future leaders and experts on international development, diplomacy, international politics, and regional experts on Africa, the Middle East, and the post-Soviet region
  • To Equip the students with analytical tools and research competences in social sciences which would enable them to deepen their understanding of development-related issues
  • To prepare future leaders able to deal with current hot topics that are related to Africa, the Middle East and the post-Soviet region
  • To prepare students for possible future doctoral programs

Graduates will:

  • Have a good orientation in the issues of development and globalization both theoretically as well as practically
  • Be able to work individually on any kind of analytical work related to Africa, the Middle East and the post-Soviet region
  • Be able to find employment in all kind of organizations, institutions, and private enterprises at any level which deal with Africa, the Middle East, and the post-Soviet region

Advantages of studying in Pilsen:

  • Located in Central Europe, easy connection with Prague, Munich and other major cities in the region
  • High quality study for a reasonable price
  • Studying in the European Capital of Culture 2015 you will have multiple opportunities to enjoy and participate in rich cultural life of Pilsen
  • Extensive network of international partners and opportunities for personal growth


Development and Globalization - Master Program (4 semesters)

Compulsory Courses:

KBS/1CODG – Colonialism and Postcolonialism (10 credits)
KAP/DEDG – Perspectives in Development (10 credits)
KAP/GLDG – Globalization in Multiple Perspectives (10 credits)
KBS/1DRDG – Development in Regional Perspectives (10 credits)

KSS/1POPD – Population Studies (10 credits)
KSS/1RMD – Research Methods (10 credits)
KSA/DPDG – Theory and Practice of Development Projects (6 credits)
KBS/DSDG – Thesis Related Seminar (6 credits)

KBS/TRDG – Traineeship (12 credits)
KBS/DTDG – Diploma Thesis (12 credits)KBS/FE – Final Exam

Selective courses – Type A:

KBS/MEDG – Middle East (12 credits)
KBS/AFDG – Africa (12 credits)
KAP/EEDG – Eastern Europe and Post-Soviet Region (12 credits)

Selective Courses – Type B:

KSS/1DIDG – Critical Discursive Analysis (6 credits)
KSA/HIDG – Humanitarian and Development Intervention (6 credits)KGE/GHIDG – Global Health Issues (6 credits)
KSS/1SRD – Sociology of Development (6 credits)

KAP/EMDG – Comparative Ethnic and Minority Politics (6 credits)


1. Documents

Candidates deliver

  • certificate of their BA (or MA) study, copy (scan) of the original, and English translation….
  • confirmation by the Ministry of Education (or any other relevant institution) about the legal status of the university
  • admission form to be found and filled here:


The documents will be sent by email/mail to this address:

Study Office of the Faculty of Arts UWB
Sedláčkova 38
306 14 Pilsen

Email: tvrda@kap.zcu.cz

2. Application Form

Application form to be found and filled here:


3. Admission Fee

The payment details for the fee will be automatically generated when you submit your online application for a specific programme. It is only then that you will be given the account number, variable symbol and specific symbol that is assigned to you and to this one application only.

The Admission Fee is 500 CZK.

The deadline is 30 April 2023.

4. Motivation Letter

Candidates will send a motivation letter (2 pages A4 format, 1,5 spacing) in English as a part of the admission documents. Motivation letter should include candidate’s motives for studying Development and Globalization program, his detailed interests and educational background.

5. Interview

Interview with a candidate is initiated by the University of West Bohemia and will be conducted online. The students will be informed in advance about the exact date and time of the scheduled interviews.

6. The University of West Bohemia will inform the student regarding the admission as soon as possible on the internet.

7. Tuition Fee

The Tuition Fee for the study program is 4000 EUR.

More about tuition fees can be found here: https://inis.zcu.cz/fcgi/verso.fpl/dload/26690/11R-2022-poplatky%2022_23%20EN%20kor.pdf

In case of any questions regarding payment, please contact Ms. Alena Tvrdá: tvrda@kap.zcu.cz.

Instructions for payment of the fee will be given in the Decision on the Fee for Study in a Foreign Language, which is issued after enrolment.